The Amdur Law Firm, PLLC

Immigration and Nationality Law

Practice Areas

We provide a full range of immigration legal services for specialized knowledge professionals (H-1Bs's), intracompany transferees (L's), treaty traders and investors (E's), NAFTA professionals (TN's), and others in temporary (nonimmigrant) status. In addition, our firm provides services for those who want to immigrate permanently into the United States and become American citizens.

We practice exclusively in the field of immigration law. We assist corporations and individuals to meet the requirements and to gain the advantages of international immigration to the United States. Our clients are leading innovators in the international petroleum services, engineering, shipping, computer, software development, and similar industries.

At the outset, we assess the merits of a cases and determine the reasonable likelihood of success. We advise our clients as to the likely length of the process and discuss the best strategies to employ. Our familiarity with both U.S. immigration law and our experience with consular and USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) policies and procedures helps us to anticipate problems that may arise and allows us to seek the bests solutions to any difficulties encountered.